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Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Official - I'm a Dawg

I am now registered at UW Tacoma for Fall quarter. The day that I registered happened to be freshman orientation day. Needless to say, I was walking around the campus with a bunch of teenagers and their parents. I looked like a parent and had all sorts of helpful UW staff asking me if I needed to know where to pay my student's tuition or get their parking permit. Most people were kind when I informed them that I was a student (an older student) - a junior, at that. Although I showed up on the wrong day, it turned out to be the right day. I got all kinds of stuff - a t-shirt, a water bottle (which I promptly went home & accidently melted in the dishwasher), an aluminum water bottle (still got that one), all kinds of key chains & magnets, a bag, & my favorite item - a whistle from campus security. The whistle is in case anyone tries to attack me then I can blow it & all the homeless people on Pacific Avenue can come running and save my fanny. You laugh, but seriously, the campus is small. I know they'll hear the whistle. I'm sure they can get up the long flight of cement steps that run through the middle of campus. I feel safer already.

I took it as a compliment that the Global Honors Society (because of my high grades from Pierce College) already want me to join them. They're certain I can handle the extra pressure. After all, I'm an "advanced student" (translate: "well-seasoned", "motivated", "knowledgable" - as in "older") that has "well-defined goals" and who knows what I want. After all, "Wow, Joyce! We don't have many students that come in knowing that they're going for their Doctorate right up front! That's awesome! You'll be a great mentor for all of our younger students." Why, thank you.

There is an advantage to being 41 & going for my BA. I do know what I want. I'm now in the part of my education where I'm taking classes that I hope to be teaching some day. So I am really looking forward to fall quarter. Because I know what I want, I won't be attending any underwater basket weaving or butter molding while rollerblading classes. I'm excited to see what God is going to do. Maybe I will mentor a few students. After all, my next goal is my Master's in Ed so I can teach high school. Yeah, yeah, I know. Who in their right mind would want to spend all day with teenagers? Whoever said I was in my right mind? Not to worry. If I get too stressed I'll go hang out on Pacific Avenue for a few hours. Don't worry - I'll be sure and take my whistle with me.